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Techniques We Practice

Diversified Full Spine Technique is the most commonly practiced chiropractic technique in which there is often a “pop” sound, that accompanies the realignment of the vertebrae.  The "pop" sound is caused by a shifting of gas within the joint space.

Low Force Technique is very gentle yet very effective. With this technique, there are no “pop” sounds when realigning the vertebrae back into place and it can be done by hand or by the use of an adjusting instrument.

Drop Table Technique is a low force, light thrust technique that incorporates the patient’s body weight and gravity to accomplish the adjustment.

Deep Tissue Release is a technique in which deep pressure is applied to the muscle and soft tissue to release adhesions and scar tissue. This reduces chronic muscle tension.  This can be effective in long-term situations that have not responded to previous treatments.


Extremity Adjusting are techniques that correct minor misalignments of the different joints of the body, most commonly in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, feet and TMJs.  Minor misalignments of these joints can cause painful problems that are often undetected and untreated by other health care providers.